Artificial Intelligence Resources


Sebastien Thrun's AI lectures
Lecture Number Topic
1w, 1 Introduction
1w, 3 Applications of AI
1w, 4 Terminology
1w, 5 Checkers Answer
1w, 6 Poker
1w, 7 Poker Answer
1w, 8 Robotic Car
1w, 9 Robotic Car Answer
1w, 10 AI and Uncertainty
1w, 11 Examples of AI in Practice
1w, 12 Chinese Translation Answer
1w, 13 Chinese Translation Answer 2
1w, 14 Chinese Translation Answer 3
1w, 15 Congratulations, End Unit 1
2w, 1 Introduction, Unit 2
2w, 2 Route Finding Question
2w, 3 Route Finding
2w, 4 Tree Search
2w, 5 Tree Search Answer
2w, 6 Graph Search
2w, 7 Graph Search Answer
2w, 8 Graph Search Answer
2w, 9 More Graph Search
2w, 10 Graph Search Answer
2w, 11 Graph Search Termination
2w, 12 Uniform Cost Search
2w, 13 Uniform Cost Search
2w, 14 Uniform Cost Search
2w, 15 Uniform Cost Search
2w, 16 Uniform Cost Termination
2w, 17 Uniform Cost Termination Answer
2w, 18 Depth Search First
2w, 19 Search Optimality Answer
2w, 20 Storage Requirements, Completeness
2w, 21 Completeness Answer
2w, 22 More on Uniform Cost Search
2w, 23 A-Star Search
2w, 23 A-Star Search ANSWER
2w, 24 A-Star Second Question
2w, 25 A-Star Third Question
2w, 26 A-Star Fourth Question
2w, 26 A-Star Fourth Question ANSWER
2w, 27 A-Star Fifth Question
2w, 28 Optimistic Heuristics
2w, 29 State Spaces
2w, 30 State Spaces ANSWER
2w, 30 State Space Diagram and More Complexity
2w, 30 State Space Diagram and More Complexity ANSWER
2w, 31 Sliding Blocks Puzzle
2w, 31 Sliding Blocks Puzzle ANSWER
2w, 32 Where is the Intelligence
2w, 33 What Can't Search Do
2w, 34 Note on Implementation
3w, 1 Introduction
3w, 2 Probabilities
3w, 3 Dependence
3w, 4 What We Learned
3w, 5 Weather Quiz
3w, 5 Answer
3w, 6 Cancer Quiz
3w, 6a Cancer Quiz Answer (a)
3w, 6b Cancer Quiz Answer (b)
3w, 6c Cancer Quiz Answer (c)
3w, 6d Cancer Quiz Answer (d)
3w, 7 Bayes Rule
3w, 7a Bayes Rule Graphically
3w, 7b Bayes Rule Answer
3w, 8 More Complex Bayes Networks
3w, 8a Two Test Cancer Example
3w, 8b Two Test Cancer Answer
3w, 8c Two Test Cancer Question
3w, 8d Two Test Cancer Answer
3w, 9 Conditional Independence
3w, 9a Conditional Independence Answer
3w, 9b Conditional Independence (b)
3w, 9c Answer
3w, 9d Absolute vs Conditional Independence
3w, 9e Answer
3w, 10 Different Type of Bayes Network
3w, 10a Answer
3w, 11 Explaining Away
3w, 11a Answer
3w, 11b Explaining Away Question
3w, 11c Explaining Away Answer
3w, 11d Question
3w, 11e Answer
3w, 11f Conclusion
3w, 12 General Bayes Networks
3w, 13 D-Separation
3w, 13a Answer
3w, 13b D-Separation Example
3w, 13c Answer
3w, 13d D-Separation General Definition
4w, 1 Probabilistic Inference